The Natural Family Co. Bio Toothbrush & Stand - Ivory Desert

This Natural Family Co. Bio Brush & Stand in Ivory Desert comprises an attractive, Ivory-coloured toothbrush with matching, resin toothbrush stand. Toothbrush has handle made of natural cornstarch that will break down and biodegrade when composted. They have tapered soft, BPA-free, nylon bristles that are very gentle and effective on the teeth.

When the brushes are ready for replacement, it can be added to either your backyard compost or to your council green organic bin by snapping off the handles. The heads are recyclable through your nearest Oral Care Recycling Program collection point. The "plastic" wrapping is also made from cornstarch and is completely biodegradable. Replace toothbrush every 6-8 weeks or earlier if worn. Sterilise weekly in Hydrogen Peroxide 3% (available in pharmacies).


  • BPA Free
  • Recyclable
  • 100% biodegradable packaging
  • Australian-owned company

Please note: The NFCo Bio Toothbrush cannot be sterilised in boiling water or in a microwave.

All our natural skin care products are 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free, plant based, natural and shipped Australia Wide.


Use minimum pressure and brush in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly before & after use. Allow bristles to air dry.

Cornstarch, Recyclable Tapered Nylon Bristles and Resin Stand


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