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Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free Lipsticks

Are you looking for a lipstick that’s made from natural and organic ingredients? At L’Organic, we stock the best natural lipsticks in Australia. Our lipstick range features products from Benecos, Eco Minerals and Hanami. Each of these companies produce cruelty-free, plant based and vegan-friendly lipsticks that contain nourishing, hydrating, long lasting and moisturising ingredients including Avocado, Jojoba and Argan Oil, coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil and shea butter which not only nourishes and hydrates your lips but leave a rich, long lasting colour with soft feel. Our natural lipstics protects your lips without compromising on your look and appeal. The lipsticks in our range also feature recyclable and sustainable packaging. 

Pure & Chemical-Free Lipsticks

L'Organic offers a wide range of lipstick shades to suit your preferences, ranging from shades for daytime wear to a luxurious, timeless color to enhance your evening makeup. In addition to curating exquisite natural beauty products from luxury brands, we prioritize your peace of mind by ensuring that everything you purchase from. Our lipsticks and other beauty products are free from harmful chemicals like Parabens and SLS's. Our products are always vegan, cruelty-free, crafted with pure ingredients, and never subjected to animal testing.

In crafting our vegan lipsticks, we carefully blend a selection of luxurious plant-based ingredients such as mica, moringa oil, castor oil, plant-based waxes, mineral oil, lanolin (derived from woolly animals like sheep), beeswax, and carmine (derived from crushed cochineal beetles). By utilizing these animal-free components, we eliminate any potential adverse effects associated with animal-derived ingredients. Our natural lipsticks effortlessly combine vivid colors with nourishing lip care, as we harmoniously blend mineral pigments and emollients that are abundant in essential nutrients.

Available in a range of shades designed to suit every look, you’ll find vegan friendly and ethical beauty products that suit your lifestyle at L’Organic.

Long lasting Lipsticks - Made From Natural, Organic Ingredients

Our long-lasting natural, plant based, vegan lipstick collection features food-grade colours, natural earth minerals and real fruit pigments for organic reds, baby pinks and wild browns, without nasty chemicals and synthetics.

If you want to buy chemical free quality lipsticks while also doing your part in protecting the environment, browse L’Organic's online store today. Besides lipsticks, we also provide a wide selection of natural cosmetics such as lip balms, gloss and brushes. 

L’Organic’s Mission

We understand how difficult it is to find natural beauty products with safe and eco-friendly ingredients. You have to do a lot of research, and, in some cases, you may have to ask the companies directly for information. 

At L’Organic, we do all that hard work for you. Before we work with a company, we do extensive research on the materials they use, their sourcing methods and their manufacturing techniques. 

All our products are COSMOS certified and our mission is to become one of the more reliable suppliers of natural, non-toxic, gluten free and organic products in Australia. When you shop with us, not only are you getting high-quality products, but you’re also helping reduce our production of non-biodegradable waste. 

What makes our Natural, Vegan Stand Out?

When it comes to makeup, nothing quite adds a touch of glamour like a beautifully applied lipstick. The way our vegan lipsticks effortlessly enhances one's features can make anyone feel confident and ready to take on the world. But what truly sets our lipstick apart is its quality, and that's where highly pigmented products stand out. These lipsticks boast vibrant hues that instantly catch the eye and leave a lasting impression.

What makes our natural lipsticks even more special is the use of naturally occurring pigments. Instead of relying on artificial dyes, these lipsticks harness the power of nature to create stunning shades that complement a wide range of skin tones. From rich earthy tones to vivid pops of colour, the result is a diverse array of hues that cater to everyone's unique preferences.

What are the benefits of using vegan lipstick?

Opting for a vegan lipstick means making a conscious decision not to endorse animal exploitation. Instead, you are supporting the formulation of products based on data and safety standards, which are then tested on willing human participants.

What are the components of vegan lipstick?

Vegan lipsticks are crafted from extraordinary ingredients that provide vibrant colours without the adverse effects of animal-derived elements. Typical ingredients found in vegan lipsticks include castor oil, moringa oil, plant waxes, and naturally derived colorants such as mica.

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