About Us

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What is our why?

L'organic was founded in 2021 by Ash and Sonia in Melbourne, Australia, when the collective needed it the most.

There is so much conflicting information about deciding what is best to put into your body. We now know that the most immeasurable steps you can take are boosting and maintaining a healthy immune system.

We understand that every single decision we make on a day-to-day basis has a direct impact on our health. We aim to uncomplicate health consciousness and provide consumers with natural, non-toxic, organic and vegan options.

We take out the hard part of finding the very best products, as we have spent ample time researching every single brand we work with, so you don't have to. Our research phase includes ensuring products are sustainable, fairly traded, organic, free from palm oil, and we ensure that the brand aims for zero waste.

When you purchase from a small business like ours, you are supporting the companies that made the products and helping them further grow. When you intentionally buy organic, sustainable and eco-friendly products, your small actions help create big changes that our planet needs.

Our efforts strive to tackle issues like:

  • Plastic pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Air pollution
  • Climate crisis
  • Loss of biodiversity
  • Food and water insecurity

Invest in L'Organic by supporting our brand and purchasing our wellness products, and in turn, invest in your quality of life and the fight to save our planet. Together we can create a brighter future! Thank you.


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