Supercharged Food Earth And Sea Beauty Silica + Iodine & Iron

Do you want your skin to radiate and shine and are you looking for strong nails and full hair with bounce and body? If so then these natural beauty capsules are for you.

Earth and Sea Beauty Capsules will boost your hair, skin and nails naturally! They work from the inside out to give you an irresistible complexion that glistens like the ocean.

They're made from natural Australian silica and wild Tasmania kelp, naturally beautifying ingredients that will give you a radiant glow, lustrous hair and strong nails. Silica is one the key ingredients, and the best source is a natural source from the earth. Unfortunately most silica supplements on the market are made in a lab where it is processed to extract the silica. Our silica is completely naturally.

  • Contains all-natural, and all Australian ingredients.
  • Earth & Sea is silica 100% sourced from remote Australian locations, for beauty on the inside that radiates on the outside.
  • Each package contains 120 vegan capsules with no additives or artificial ingredients. One tube is two month's supply.
  • 100% Australian owned.

Are you ready to embody silky and illuminated skin, glossy hair and nourished nails? Look no further than Earth and Sea Beauty Capsules. You are going to love the results!


2 capsules per day

Australian diatomaceous earth (amorphous silica, freshwater type), Tasmanian Southern Kelp (Durvillea Potatorum) in a vegan capsule


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