Breast pads from Nature's Child are made entirely of organic cotton. When a baby is being fed, this ensures that there are no harmful chemicals, paper, or flavours present. The best possible option for our neonates is pure organic nature.

There are three sizes available:

Discreet & Light The diameter is 10cm. To prevent light leaking. It's best to use it throughout pregnancy or at the conclusion of breastfeeding. They aren't highly absorbent, so they're not ideal for everyday leaks, but they do act as a buffer for light leaking.

10cm diameter in the daytime/regular. Cups A-D The material is extremely absorbent.

Night/Large Plus and nighttime all sizes, 12cm diameter and thicker D cup Suitable for Mother's D cup plus during the day and any cup size at night. Superabsorbent.

To use throughout the day, simply place them inside your maternity bra for a secure fit. As needed, make adjustments. You may wash worn ones in the washing machine or simply wash them under the faucet to reuse them in a few hours after they are dry. Cotton is a quick-drying fabric.

Use Breast Pads at Night: If you don't use breast pads at night, your bedding will become saturated. For night sleeping, tuck your huge breast pad into a soft crop top.


Day Time Use: Simply position them inside your maternity bra for a snug fit. Change as necessary. You can put used ones in the wash or just wash them under the tap so you can use them again in a few hours once they are dry again. Cotton dries quickly.

Night Time Use: It is essential to use breast pads at night or your bedding will become soaked. Position your large breast pad inside a soft crop top for night sleeping.

Certified Organic Cotton


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