Kaeh Woman Reusable Bamboo Breast Pads

No need for disposable breast pads when reusable breast pads are so easy! The Luvme Kaeh bamboo breast pads have four absorbent layers, and a waterproof outer layer to prevent leakage. They’re highly absorbent and super soft, with gentle organic bamboo closest to your nipple. Perfect for slipping inside your nursing bra. Contains 6 x Day and Night nursing pads.

Product Features

  • 4 layers of absorbency
  • Soft Bamboo for sensitive areas
  • Outside layer is waterproof to ensure no leakage
  • 12 cm wide
  • Perfect size for inserting into bra

Washing Instructions

  • Rinse the reusable breast pads and place in bucket
  • Soaking is not recommended
  • Soaking agents can damage the waterproof coating
  • Do not wash in hot water as this can damage the waterproof coating
  • Machine rinse before washing in cold water using 1/2 strength detergent on full load
  • Line drying is best. The sun’s UV rays kill bacteria and fade stains
  • Do not use heat on tumble dry
  • Hot tip: Wash 2-3 times before using to get better absorbency


Day Time Use: Simply position them inside your maternity bra for a snug fit. Change as necessary. You can put used ones in the wash or just wash them under the tap so you can use them again in a few hours once they are dry again. Cotton dries quickly.

Night Time Use: It is essential to use breast pads at night or your bedding will become soaked. Position your large breast pad inside a soft crop top for night sleeping.

100% Organic Cotton


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