6 Plastic-Free Shifts You Can Make Right Now

Author: Lorganic   Date Posted: 2021-08-27 16:45:00

6 Plastic-Free Shifts You Can Make Right Now

It is fair to say that education around plastic pollution has immensely increased. Big corporations produce more plastic than our waste management can handle. The best solution is to reduce production, but an immediate step you can take is your individual actions.

The problem is that using plastic is cheap, which allows big companies more profit. Our society has become highly dependent on plastic products which can make the initial shift very challenging. When you look at the bigger picture, living plastic-free or minimizing plastic only takes a few small steps that lead to an enormous positive impact.

Keep cup

Over one billion people drink coffee worldwide; think about how many plastic coffee cups they produce. We are seeing change occur with cafes now selling ceramic keep cups and many different price ranges on the market. When purchasing a ceramic keep-cup, the key is to remember to bring it along with you when you buy your coffee.

Metal Straws

The use of plastic straws is extraordinarily excessive and switching your straw could be your first step and gateway in understanding your personal impact on the environment. If you're not keen on bamboo straws that may get a little soggy, you can purchase reusable metal straws, which I much prefer.

Reusable bag

Many stores have jumped on to the single-use plastic bag ban but unfortunately have replaced a problem with another one. Big grocery stores give you the option to purchase thicker plastic bags, claiming that people will use them more than once. People will often treat these same bags like the old single-use plastic bags, and it defeats the purpose of shoppers bringing their own reusable bags.

Reusable water bottle

All plastics start off as oil, such as a plastic water bottle. Before the bottle is even created, it requires the extraction of oil and its refinement. This process has a massive environmental impact. It is said that it takes 17 million barrels of oil each year to make just a years supply of disposable water bottles. Switching to a reusable water bottle won't wholly stop producing plastic water bottles, but it reduces the supply for the demand.

No plastic packaging

When you visit your local organic fruit and vegetable market or store, they will almost always offer you a box for your fresh produce. When you visit the large grocery stores, you will have the option of packing (for example) your oranges into a little plastic bag. There is absolutely no point in this besides creating waste. If you prefer to bag your fruit, there are options to purchase reusable organic mesh bags.

Make your cleaning products

Households spend on average $500-$1000 on cleaning products every year. Not only does the plastic add up, but the chemicals themselves are very harmful to the environment. There are many at-home hacks to create very effective cleaning products that will save you money, allow you to use reusable cleaning products, and reduce your household's plastic waste massively.

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