BioBag Compostable Bin Liners 8 Litre Roll

These liners are ideal for food waste and aid in the separation of food waste from other trash. These food trash bags are very breathable and compostable, making home pre-sorting of food waste simple and sanitary. These have a tie top for ease of use. BioBags provide for proper ventilation and the evaporation of waste moisture. The trash dries out as a result of the moisture evaporation, preventing it from decomposing and minimising unwanted odours.

BioBag Food Waste Bags are constructed from a plant-based resin (Mater-Bi®), vegetable oils, and biodegradable polymers. In a well-composting environment, they can be entirely composted in 45 days.

The 8 Litre bags work well in conjunction wit the Max Air Bin. BioBags ensure good ventilation and allow the moisture in the waste to evaporate. Due to the moisture evaporation the waste dries out, preventing the waste from rotting, thereby reducing unpleasant odours. 

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Made From Mater-Bi, derived from plants, vegetable oils and compostable polymers.


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